Family Room Solution L – 76” / H – 57” / D – 4” Stainless Steel Frame Fits up to 65” LED • Stainless Steel Frame or Wood Frame


Family Room + Living Room Solution L – 65” / H – 86” / D – 11” Painted Glass Frame or Mirror Glass Fits up to 65” LED Fireplace Not Included

Horizontal Glass Strip

We appreciate your interest in HIFRAME, and are confident that once you visit our gallery and experience our product in person, you will truly appreciate more than ever the many solutions they provide for your home…

Horizontal White Glass Strip

Introducing a new, luxury-designed glass and mirror frame that will enhance the look of a television in any setting. Transform your TV from a black box oto an artful home design experience…

Phillipe Stainless Steel

Entertainment Solution L – 76” / H – 57” / D – 4” Stainless Steel Frame Fits up to 65” LED

Vertical Strip

Kitchen + Bedroom + MBR Closet Solution L – 40” / H – 92” / D – 3.5” Painted Glass Frame • Any Paint Color Included • Fits up to 40” LED Custom Painted Glass or Mirror Glass


HiFrame specializes in creating custom spaces for fully remote controlled, motorized TV displays that are perfectly concealed inside walls and ceilings.

Zero Line

Family Room Solution + Living Rooms L – 61” / H – 38” / D – 3.25” Flush with any wall Available up to 115” x 85” Fits up to 65” LED

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We specialize in the luxury design of television screens. HiFrame technology ensures high quality viewing with specially designed glass for a whole new level of entertainment mixed with beauty. Our screens can be installed anywhere, in your home or business, to create the dream entertainment situation.

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