HiFrame’s Designs Conceal TVs with Glass & Mirrors

Source: DealerScope
Long Island, N.Y.-based HiFrame, whose mantra is “Your Television Hidden by Design,” used the venue of the recent NATM vendor show to show dealers several of its many framed and frameless concepts for making televisions of any brand blend aesthetically in tune with the luxury homes they inhabit.

Two examples were on exhibit there. The company’s Horizontal Glass Strip design is uses custom-color-matched glass overlay that serves as a virtual frame for the TV. Its Razar frameless mirror employs Italian-made reflective glass whose coloration impurities have been removed so that the TV image is unaffected.


Commercial Design

Source: Sound & Vision
Mirror-hidden TVs that make themselves visible when powered up aren’t brand new, but Hiframe’s approach is unique. You start with your own flat-panel TV and purchase any of Hiframe’s self-contained designer wall cabinets to enclose your set behind the glass, either mirrored or various colors.

At top, the Dual Electric Fireplace wall (102 x 79 x 16 inches (HxWxD), $21,495 as shown) accommodates TVs up to 80 inches and integrates electric fireplace units that use LEDs and water vapor from refillable water cartridges for a convincing flame effect; it’s seen here with a 65-inch TV and is available in Mirabello Mirror or Black glass, both of which allow the TV image to pass through when the set is active. At right, the Kastiel Cube (87 x 87 x 4 inches (HxWxD), $19,495 as shown) handles TVs up to 70 inches behind mirror or black glass; the custom-order outer frame is included (there are several colors/designs to choose from). Both models can be outfitted with LED edge-lighting around the frame.


Design-Minded A/V Creates New Canvas For Profit

Source: CEPro
HiFrame appears like giant works of art on the wall with a large circular mirror, but quickly converts to a giant flat panel TV at the touch of a button. Imported to the U.S. market by CE Pro 100 integrator InTechAv on Long Island NY, HighFrame can be seen in action at the expansive Simplay virtual sports and indoor country club showroom in Hauppauge. A large function room features two giant Castile cube mirrored HighFrames over two 65-inch Samsung UN 65H7150 TVs.

The is Israeli made Castile cube is 86 x 86“ and it features a wood frame wrapped in fabric and a lacquer finish. The mirrored glass is from Italy. Venting holes are incorporated around the frame to keep the unit cool.


Sleek Television

Source: Hamptons Real Estate Showcase
HiFrame USA’s horizontal glass strip gives you a luxury design solution without compromise. With technology to conceal your HDTV and custom color to match your décor, the design lets your television viewing dreams run wild and turns your space into a piece of art. Find this and other products at the Water Mill showroom.